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How do I become a shopper for Texas Shoppers Network?

Follow the Shopper’s Login link under Shopper Tools.  Click on “Sign Up Today” and fill out the form providing your demographic information.  Be as detailed as possible to ensure you receive notification of all available jobs for which you are eligible.  Read and agree to the terms of the Independent Contractor Agreement and Confidentiality Agreement.

How do I get assigned shops?

Once you are registered with TSN as a shopper and have been accepted, shops can be self-assigned by logging to Login with your credentials, then You will be directed to your “home page” where you can click on “Show Me Visits I Can Accept”.  You can view shop details and self-assign shops.  Be certain that you can perform the shop, per the instructions and within the specified time frame.  When you select the visit, it will appear on your home page.

Why don't I see all the shops that are available?

Based on the information you placed in your profile, some shops will not be available to you if you do not fit the demographics requested by the client.  In addition, in order to have a variety of evaluators, clients request a rotation of shoppers.  Often a shopper may only visit a location once in 30, 60 or 90 days.  The shops for which you are ineligible will not appear to you.  Keep checking back for the next time you become eligible for the shop.

How do I know what I'm expected to do on a mystery shop?

Written directions are provided with every shop.  Print a copy of the directions and read them thoroughly.  Even if you have performed the shop before, be sure to read through the directions.  Expectations change according to the client’s desire to make different observations.  In addition, you should always read the evaluation form before you perform the shop.  Become familiar with the questions that you will be expected to answer following your shop.

How much detail is required in a TSN report?

Most of our questions have Y/N answers.  We also require detailed narrative comments on all of our reports.  This is the most important part of the report.  Your comments should be consistent with your Y/N answers for each section.  When the client reads the comments, they should be able to know what you encountered just as if the client had been there.  All “NO” answers should always be explained in the comment section.  You should be as descriptive as possible but report in an objective manner.  Below are examples of how this is accomplished:

Example 1: Subjective
There was a long line when I arrived. I had to wait several minutes to be helped.  The cashier was very friendly and helpful.

Example 2: Objective
There were 6 people in line when I arrived. I waited 3.5 minutes before being helped.  The cashier smiled, made eye contact and greeted me.  She asked what she could help me with and explained the different items.  She was able to answer all of my questions.

In addition, names and/or descriptions of associates you encounter should be included on all reports.  Names are preferred but if you cannot get an associate’s name, you must always include a complete description that lists male/female, race, approximate height and age, hair color, any distinguishing features such as facial hair, glasses, tattoos, hair style if significant, etc.  The description should be detailed enough that the client can identify the employee based solely on your description.

How will I be paid?

TSN’s preferred method of payment is PayPal.  Shoppers must submit an invoice by email and payment is made within 45-60 days of the shop.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

The name of the project coordinator is listed with the directions for the shop.  If you are unclear about any details of the evaluation, please contact the coordinator before you perform the shop, using the information provided to you.


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