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What is "Mystery Shopping"?

Mystery shopping uses independent evaluators (shoppers) who pose as customers in order to evaluate a company’s service, quality, and cleanliness.  These “undercover customers” interact with employees, engage in transactions, and otherwise act like “regular” customers.  After their visits, they complete reports which describe what they observed in objective terms.

Why would I want to mystery shop my business locations?

Mystery shopping provides you with information about how your business is perceived by your customers.  Are your employees upholding your standards for service and cleanliness?  Are they using suggestive selling techniques?  Mystery shoppers become your “eyes and ears” to tell you what your customers may not.

What can mystery shopping do for us?

In today’s competitive environment, companies cannot afford to be complacent about customer service.  Mystery shopping helps to maintain the high levels of quality and service you worked so hard to reach.  Implementing a mystery shopping program emphasizes to employees how committed your company is to providing outstanding customer service.

How many sales have you lost because of missing prices?  How many customers have not returned because of inadequate service, employees who don’t make customers feel welcome, or restrooms which are “less than clean”?

TSN’s reports can identify opportunities for improvement, even in areas you didn’t anticipate.  Small details can make a big difference.  We train our evaluators to go beyond the standard questions and include detailed comments about what they observed and how they were treated.

Can mystery shopping affect my bottom line?

Companies can see as much as a 40-60% increase in sales just by asking if the customer would like to add another item to their purchase.  Mystery shoppers will let you know if this is happening consistently at your place of business.

Companies are losing tremendous amounts of productive time to today’s technology.  If your employees are text messaging instead of greeting and helping customers, you may be losing valuable sales, and more importantly valuable customers.  Today’s environment is much too competitive to allow customers to walk out the door.

These are just two examples of how your company can directly benefit from the feedback of mystery shoppers.

What makes Texas Shoppers Network different from other mystery shopping companies?

Texas Shoppers Network uses a unique U. S. Patented methodology.  Using a wide variety of marketing surveys and customer service evaluations, we provide the specific feedback you need.  We visit each of your locations on varying days and at different times to get a comprehensive picture of service patterns.  Potential customers may be gained or lost before ever entering your store, so knowing how your employees respond to telephone inquiries is critical. TSN’s standard service package includes telephone evaluations.

TSN will develop a customized evaluation form for your company, based on your company’s service standards.  Each question has a weighted point value, and graphical management reports provide you the information you need in a user-friendly format.

We know how important it is to provide a complete picture of the shopping experience.  In addition to the objective data revealed through the questions, our evaluations include extensive comments by the shoppers.

Our evaluations involve several employee contacts per visit, where TSN shoppers will interact with your employees and report their experiences.  TSN loves to find SuperStars.  Shoppers are encouraged to identify employees who go the extra mile to provide special service.

Our shoppers are given extensive, personal training.  Each of our shoppers receives detailed, comprehensive instructions for completing their assignments, plus regular updates.  Shoppers are then given feedback on the quality of their reports for continued improvement.

Every evaluation submitted by a shopper is reviewed by our experienced staff for completeness and accuracy, ensuring our clients receive the best evaluations possible.

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