Texas Shoppers Network methodology is applied to all client observations to ensure that the information provided by our trained evaluators is unbiased and factual. 

We require the utmost accuracy and a high level of detail in all our reports. We take special care in selecting and training our professional evaluators before becoming a shopper for TSN:

• Applicant must complete a detailed application and demographic data form. 
• Applicants must complete a sample evaluation prior to being selected for assignments. 
• Once selected, the evaluator is provided with samples of completed evaluations.
• Evaluators are provided with detailed written instructions describing the procedure for completing the evaluation. 
• Evaluators are briefed on the requirements of the specific job or client to assure complete the assignment is completed properly and on time. 

Training doesn’t stop when the evaluator has completed a job. Each report submitted is reviewed for completeness and accuracy by our expert team, and evaluators receive feedback on the quality of their work. Additional training is provided to evaluators the first time they evaluate a specific client, when a client’s specifications change, as well as an ongoing basis to maintain the quality of their work.




At Texas Shoppers Network, we are proud of our focus on positive observations during mystery shops. We like to recognize employees doing a job well done.
Superstar sightings provide you with an opportunity to recognize employees who had provided outstanding service to your customers. The special Superstar reports you will receive may be shared not only with the individual Superstar but with all of your employees.

When a Superstar knows they’ve been “caught in the act” of being a great employee, and they are recognized for it, they are motivated to continue doing a great job.  It’s also a great reminder to other employees to treat every customer as though they were a mystery shopper. Employees who receive appreciation for their excellent work generally experience increased job satisfaction, which can help reduce turnover among your best employees.

Superstar reports can help you in selecting the Employee of the Month or determine recipients of other existing employee awards. If you want to do something special, just for your Superstars, TSN can help you design a custom SuperStar Recognition Program.



Speak to a specialist about how we can help your business succeed with mystery shopping services.

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